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I Ching Divination.mpg

An introductory video discussing the spiritual practice of divination with the I Ching also known as The Book of Changes.

Runaways: Battleworld Comic Review (Spoiler Free)

In which my camera casts a shadow that makes it look like I have a five o'clock shadow and I complain about stereotypes in comics. Woo! Comics. What a nerd. If you don't know who we are...

Good Omens Audiobook by Neil Gaiman, Terence David John Pratchett

Listen to this title in full and for free: Content: Unabridged Release date: 11/10/2009 Duration: 12 hrs 35 mins Contact me:

The Nowhere Girls by Amy Reed Review (Spoiler Free)

The Nowhere Girls is an incredible story of many voices fighting back against a covered up sexual assault. An essential read for the #metoo movement.

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